Parent & Community Involvement

Parent Reps

At Ascot Vale Primary School, the Parent Representatives from each unit play an important role in the running of the school. The role of the parent rep is outlined below. The number of parent reps per unit is usually 2 or more. This is a great way for new parents to meet other parents from their own and other units.


Help organise classroom support in the delivery of the program. This involves liaising with the teacher and other parents to support programs such as reading, excursions, publishing, swimming, special days and the making of resources.

Informing parents about school programs, assisting with parent information nights, developing the communication tree and regular emails about up coming events are also sent out.

Parent reps:

  • Meet with teachers and Principal as requested and attend monthly meetings as a group.
  • Assist in unit fundraising.
  • Direct any parent concerns to the appropriate person in the school.
  • Organise social events as interested.

School Council and subcommittees

School councils play a key role in all Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the b​​est possible educational outcomes for students. Ascot Vale PS School Council meets every 3rd Monday of most school term months. Decisions regarding strategic planning, school policies and the allocation of resources are made following the work undertaken by the School Council's three sub-committees:

  • Finance
  • Education & Policy
  • Buildings & Grounds

ALL parents are welcome as observers at School Council meetings.

Sub-committee members may include non-council members, however this is up to the discretion of the existing sub-committee members.  A vote may be required to determine this. Parents from the school community may be invited to attend specific meetings as visitors if deemed appropriate by the existing sub-committee members.

More information about School Councils can be found online at:

Fundraising Team

The purpose of fundraising at Ascot Vale PS is to contribute to the school’s ability to provide a diverse range of quality programs and to improve upon the school’s amenity.  The nature of fundraising events also plays a key role in developing positive community connections with the school. A team meet regularly to plan and deliver a range of events. This team is guided by our fundraising policy:

Classroom support and involvement

Parents are invited to be involved in their own child's education in the following ways:

  • Setting learning goals with their child and the teacher (eg developing an Individual Learning Plan)
  • Attending Student Led Conferences
  • Attending Unit Information sessions
  • Helping in the classroom- e.g. reading, cooking, sharing a hobby, their work or an interest
  • Excursion attendance
  • Helping co-ordinate a whole school event- e.g. book or science fair, arts festival, fundraiser
  • Attending grounds working bees once a term
  • Unit Parent Rep
  • School Council and/or sub-committee of School Council
  • Attending parent literacy training programs
  • Volunteer
  • Coach / support Interschool Sport teams (Year 5/6)

Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

Ascot Vale Primary School asks all parents and volunteers, who do specific roles at our school, to obtain a Working with Children Check (WWCC).  

Many parents, carers and other adults, volunteer their time in classrooms and around the school.  We appreciate this help and support and our students enjoy having their parents and carers here too.

The introduction of Ministerial Order 870 – Child Safe Standards has meant that now adults who are working with children, for example at schools or sporting clubs must have a WWCC.

We must now also comply with the Order.  Child Safe Standard 1 – strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, states that “All people engaged in child related work, including parent volunteers, are required to hold a Working with Children Check and to provide evidence of this Check.”

 If you are volunteering in child related work and have direct contact with children (e.g. attending excursions, helping out at sports days or working with small groups of children in the classroom) you must have a Working with Children Check.  

We are asking that if you are planning to help out or volunteer in this capacity to apply for a WWCC now at

All parents who help out, even in their child’s classroom, must have a current WWCC. The process is free for parents and volunteers; though you will need to supply a passport size photo.  When you receive your WWCC card, you will need to bring this to the office to be copied and kept on file. When helping at our school you will need to have your WWCC card on you as well and sign in via the office iPad.  Ascot Vale PS already have many WWCC from parents and volunteers.

Thank you for your anticipated support.


Updated 5/18